Can I Receive Increased SSD Benefits If My Medical Conditions Worsen, Or If I Develop New Medical Conditions?

If you are unable to work because of a severe medical condition, or a combination of severe conditions, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSD or SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income Disability benefits (SSI or SSID) might be your only source of income. 

These benefits provide you with a consistent income you can rely on to pay for your living expenses and medical bills. However, getting by month after month just on disability benefits can be challenging, especially if you develop any new medical conditions. 

Can I Receive Higher Benefits If My Health Conditions Worsen, Or If I Develop New Health Conditions?

The amount of your monthly SSDI and or SSI payments will not change if you develop new disabling conditions. Likewise, your benefit payments will not increase if the medical conditions you are already suffering from worsen.

However, even though your benefits do not increase if you develop additional medical conditions, if you are notified that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will be conducting a “Continuing Disability Review” (CDR) of your case, make certain to advise them of all of the health conditions that you now currently suffer from, including any new conditions, the worsening of any conditions, and the symptoms and limitations that you experience from all of them.  

If you receive SSDI and or SSI benefits, you are required to report to SSA changes in contact information or any changes that may affect your eligibility for benefits. This includes significant improvement of your health impairments, changes in or starting work activity, and living arrangements and or financial circumstances for SSI recipients. Even getting married can affect your disability benefits in various ways.

How New Impairments Can Impact Your Eligibility Reviews

Although not all SSDI and SSI disability benefit recipients undergo continuing disability reviews, most do. The frequency of these reviews mainly depends on the likelihood of improvement of the recipient’s health conditions and age. Most often, the re-evaluations are scheduled to occur every two to four years but can be at shorter or longer intervals.

Therefore, developing new conditions and or significant and irreversible worsening of existing conditions may affect the frequency that your continuing disability reviews are scheduled in the future. Although this alone will not help you with your bills, knowing that the SSA will trouble you less frequently with paperwork and eligibility reviews can reduce your stress levels.

Consult with an Attorney that Specializes in Social Security Disability 

Regardless of whether or not you already receive disability benefits, navigating through the legal waters of SAA eligibility rules and complicated processes can be challenging. An experienced disability attorney can help you find the right answers and ensure you obtain or keep your benefit eligibility in the long run.

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